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The Sickle Cell Association of Texas Marc Thomas Foundation was established in 1997. Since its inception it has served thousands and has outreached to more than 650,000. 
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Camp Cell-A-Bration is a free week long camp for special needs children with sickle cell disease ages 6-14. This camp removes the isolation factor and allows children to engage in a plethora of activities with peers. Camp Cell-A-Bration Next Level is a transition camp for teenagers age 15-19.

The hundreds of families we serve often have a plethora of needs that we effectively navigate them through. We have three social workers, three community health workers and health educators who are willing and able to assist our families. If you are in need of services please call 844-994-Hope.

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Camp Cell-A-Bration costs over $955 per camper for our agency even though it free for campers. By joining Walk for Sickle Cell you are making sure that no camper is turned away and you are providing respite to families. Please consider walking with us.
Education is paramount to most of our services. We provide certified hemoglobinopathy education, at-risk population education and education to medical professionals. Often families are uncertain about certain medical diagnosis and treatments and we assist. We also provide FREE sickle cell screening.

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