Fundraising will help benefit hundreds of children suffering from sickle cell disease and their families who are also affected. Every week our agency receives new families from across the state, with your support we can continue to provide services to one of the most vulnerable populations in the United States. Not to mention we will also provide prizes and gift cards to the largest fundraisers. Start Now.

Walk for Sickle Cell and Fight for Life.

With Each Step We Are Closer To Finding A Cure

Fundraise How?

Every cent counts, learn where yours is going.


Fundraising for Walk for Sickle Cell and specifically the Sickle Cell Association of Texas Marc Thomas Foundation has tremendous benefits for the sickle cell community. We have two special needs camps for children with sickle cell disease including a transition camp, we provide FREE sickle cell screening, financial assistance, certified hemoglobinopathy education and numerous other services for sickle cell families free of charge. 
Fundraise Why?
Fundraising for Walk for Sickle Cell will help us support in need families, provide treatment education, send special needs campers to Camp Cell-A-Bration, educate the community and continue to learn about up and coming research and treatments for sickle cell disease. Together we can stop the sickle cycle. 
Walk for a Cure, Walk for Hope, Walk for Fun and Walk for Children. Whatever the reason Walk. 
Fundraise Now
Fundraising not only shows your support for sickle cell families but it lets the community know you support a worthy cause. 

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